• Company Profile

    Green 2000 – Agricultural Equipment & Know-How Ltd. has engaged in recent years in planning, set-up, consultation and sale to various projects in different spheres such as Greenhouses, Irrigation, Open-field crops, Processing crops, Cut flowers, Poultry and others in many parts of the world, and in her home base- Israel.

    Green Ltd. activity centers primarily on the desert region of the Negev, Arava and Jordan River in Israel, working with the moshavim and kibbutzim (Israeli Private and Collective settlements) by the most advanced agricultural agro techniques.

    The importance of the work in Israel lies in the constant contact maintained with research institutes so as always to keep abreast of the best state-of-the-art, and gives the best foundation for the company activities worldwide.

    Green Ltd. established over the last 20 years many agricultural projects, all over the world: In the CIS countries, Africa, South-America and Asia.

    Green Ltd. Represents in Israel several leading companies, selling their products in the Israeli market along with know-how, to bring the best performance to the growers. Products that Green Ltd. imports and sells in Israel: Field-crops seeds, Vegetable seeds, Peat and growing media substrates, Tensiometers and Organic fertilizers.

    Green Ltd. is specialized in export of seeds and their adaptation to local climate conditions to any part of the world. Green Ltd. is selling vegetable and Field-crops seeds in many countries, using her brand name: “Green seeds”.

    In this website you can meet Green 2000 team of experts and Green 2000 projects list and products.