• Key Personnel

    Refael Dayan



    He has an M.Sc. from the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem and an LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.Former extension officer at the Extension Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, established experimental stations in the Arava Desert: the Yair Station and the Kikar Sdom Station, and possesses considerable experience in setting up agricultural projects worldwide.

    Abner Chin

    Business Development Manager

    Mr. Chin has an M.Sc. from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem. Mr. Chin is an East & East &Far-East. Experienced in Business Development in India, Sri-Lanka, China, Vietnam & more.
    Born Agronomist, A Grandson of a Paddy Farmer from India. Expert in Horticulture & Agriculture Projects.
    As Floriculture Extension Officer & Floriculture R&D in The Arava Valley of Israel, Introduced Cut-Flowers & Developed a thriving farming community.
    As Agriculture Attaché of Israel in India, established The First Indo-Israel Demonstration Farm in IARI, New Delhi. Scores of Indian Farmers, Scientists & Agriculture Officers Were Exposed & Trained in Cutting-Edge Modern Horticulture.
    As Quarantine & Plant Protection Specialist PPIS Israel, Abner was responsible for The Great Reputation of Fresh Agriculture Produce exported all over the world.

    Sivan Sofer



    Mrs. Sivan is the office manager and operations of green 2000 Ltd.
    Mrs. Sivan is responsible of all the Import and Export activities of the company; include all the logistic and administrative operations.

    Ifat Pinhas


    Mrs. Ifat is the office CFO of green 2000 Ltd.
    Mrs. Ifat is responsible of all the monetary and financial business and management of the company, includes international trade, money collections, financial documentation and more.

    Rokah Shaul

    “Organi-Green” Project Manager


    Shaul is the project manager of “Organi-Green” in Bitan Aharon, Israel.  The project in the size of 3.5 Ha, and will contain, inter alia:  Organic Vegetables and Plantations, Milking Goats, Free-range Poultry Eggs, Visitors center and more.Shaul has vast experience in this kind of projects that combine high level agriculture knowledge, agricultural tourism, marketing and more.

    Ori Migdal

    Peat, organic fertilizer and growth substrate manager


    He has an M.Sc. from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem.
    He is engaged in the development of markets for peat, organic fertilizer and growth substrates.

    Mordechai Serfati

    In charge of marketing seeds in northern Israel and the Jordan Valley


    He has an M.Sc. from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem. He grew up on Kibbutz Sde-Eliahu, and has been engaged in agriculture from an early age, particularly field crops: carrots, onions, potatoes, corn, peas, beans, tomatoes for industry, herbs etc – crops for fresh consumption and for industrial processing. He is an expert on acclimatizing varieties of these crops and adapting them to the requirements of the various food processing plants and markets.


    Eran Dayan

    Seeds professional sales manager.


    Mr. Dayan has a B.Sc. (Agriculture) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an international M.B.A. from the University of Bar Ilan.

    Mr. Dayan is an expert in finding the right vegetable varieties for different regions and climates, also provides constant agricultural services to projects and growers around the globe.


    Dror Dayan

    Projects Manager


    Mr. Dayan has a B.Sc. of industrial engineering & management from Shenkar college.

    Mr. Dayan is managing agricultural Turn-Key projects around the world, in the fields of: protected cultivation, open fields crops, livestock, dairy farms, poultry, aquaculture and more.


    Amar Amarna

    Operational Manager
    AmarAmarnaOperational Manager at “Organi Green” farm – owned by Green 2000 LTD.
    Amer is the manager of our vermiculite factory, located in the farm, Responsable off the workers in the field, manage the stock and manage all plant protection.

    Mark Fishman – Engineer

    In charge of agricultural overseas projects


    He has a B.Sc. Agriculture – Soil and Water and irrigation.
    He possesses considerable experience in sophisticated greenhouse crops, crops grown on soilless substrates with climate control and computerized control. He designs, sets up and manages diverse agricultural projects all over the world.


    Shachar Rassel – Agronomist and area sales manager

    Has B.Sc. in agriculture (plant protection) from the Hebrew university.
    Has a lot of experience in fertilization, plant protection, irrigation, and agrotechnical support for vegetable crops

    Uri Ben Israel

    Aquaculture specialist
    uri_ben_israelUri Ben Israel is a seniorfish Farming Consultant and is widely recognized as a leading consultant in thefish farming business.
    Mr. Ben Israel graduated fromthe Ruppin Institute (Business Administration) completed a course in FishDisease (Nir David National Laboratory for Fish Disease, Israel) and obtained adiploma in International Marketing from the Israel Export Institute.
    Mr. Ben Israel managed,consulted and oversaw many fish farming initiatives for over thirty-fiveyears in Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador andmore.

    Ohad Khalifa

    Animal husbandry specialist

    ohad_khalifaHe has an M.Sc. from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem and an MBA.He plans and manages projects involving beef and dairy cattle, poultry farms for layers and pullets, raising sheep, raising pigs etc.

    Ilan Karmon

    Poultry specialist

    ilan_karmonGeneral Manager of Sol-Kanaf Ltd. Hasolelim- huge hatching eggs producers in Israel.
    He has and M.B.A degree from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.
    He is an expert in all poultry stages: Incubators, mother eggs, layers, broilers, feed mills, slaughter, and poultry meat products.

    Arye Volk

    Agricultural economist
    arye_volkHe has an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and Management from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem.
    Former CEO of Agridev – Agricultural Development Company International Ltd, and director of the Agricultural Farm Management Department at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.
    He has acquired extensive experience in agribusiness planning and development in Israel and in various countries around the world.
    He is an expert in preparing feasibility studies and business plans, including submittal to banks and international tenders.

    Arnon Kaplan

    Engineer. Plans integrative agricultural projects

    arnon_kaplanHe has a B.Sc. from the Technion in Haifa.He plans, oversees and sets up integrative agricultural projects involving greenhouses, irrigation, water reservoirs, pumping stations, roads, drainage canals, packing houses, electricity, agricultural automation etc.

    Matti Liberman

    Vermiculite specialist
    matti_libermanMechanical Engineer.Developer of the compact exfoliate vermiculite machine.Has experience in vermiculite production and uses.