Organi‐Green Farm Visitors Center

farm, owned by Green 2000 Ltd, is an organic agriculture project, specializing in the production of organic agricultural produce in greenhouses, open field and orchards, goats dairy farm, and free range eggs production.

Our farm includes:

  • Greenhouses for the production of various organic vegetables and fresh-herbs, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, basils, chives and more.
  • Open field to produce winter and summer leafy vegetables, vegetables and fresh-herbs.
  • Fruit-trees plantations with over thirty different fruit species.
  • Packing house for sorting and packing of fresh vegetables and free-range eggs.
  • Poultry production for bio-free range eggs.
  • 120 goats for producing bio-organic goat milk and milk products: Dairy for goat milk, cheese and yogurt production- including cold storage facilities.
  • Seedling nursery for producing organic vegetables seedlings and fresh-herbs in pots.
  • Vine-yard for growing and producing our brand “Organi-Green” red wine.
  • Olives orchard to grow and produce organic olive-oil.
  • Aquaculture unit to grow organic fish in semi-close system – to be added.
  • Organic Farm-Store for selling farm production, and other organic and healthy food such as bread, honey, wine and others – to be added.


Our Organic farm includes a new and facilitated visitor’s center, for all ages, accessible for handicaps.

The tours in “Organi Green” starts in the visitor’s center with a short overview about Green 2000 Ltd activities around the world and follows by a walking tour around the farm. During the tour, you will be impressed by a demonstration of various agricultural units supporting production of seedlings, vegetables, herbs, fruits chicken’s eggs, milking goats and in the near future –  aquaculture and an outlet shop.